Pekin Schools add new improvements

    Pekin Community Schools/KTVO

    The Pekin Community School District in Packwood, Iowa, has updated its facility.

    Superintendent Dave Harper showed KTVO some of the new improvements on Friday.

    The board of directors really wanted to improve our safety. You know, we’re out here in Packwood, Iowa, rural Iowa, and we wanted to ensure that not only we have great facilities for our kids but we also have safe environments for them to learn," Harper said.

    Harper explained what was installed for safety precautions:

    We’ve incorporated the new entrances there’s camera system into our safety plan or emergency operation plan to ensure that we’re providing a great environment for kids to learn," Harper said.

    Harper said junior high students will also benefit from the recent upgrades.

    "The operation of this month is were moving into our new junior high over Christmas break so we’re looking forward to the future here at Pekin," Harper said.

    Harper said a lot of preparation went into these renovations.

    When we were designing this, we were looking obviously at energy consumption, safety was a key element with updating our security system. Cameras, everything down to our door mechanisms. So just wanted to make sure that our kids had a great, great classroom, or great great facility to learn in," Harper said.

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