Possible study to analyze need for new bike routes in Kirksville

Kirksville City Planner Chayton True says the city is hoping to expand its community bike network. (KTVO File)

On Friday, KTVO reported on a grant the City of Kirksville applied for that would pay for a study of traffic flow.

Now, the city is also looking at a similar grant that would analyze potential new bicycle routes in the area.

The Transportation Engineering Assistance Program or TEAP Grant, is through the Missouri Department of Transportation.

It provides funds to cities looking to conduct studies for potential safety projects.

In this case, the grant would be used to analyze pedestrian and bike routes.

Kirksville City Planner Chayton True says the city is hoping to expand its community bike network.

Rotary Park would be the recreational center and bike-way hub of the community. At least 5 potential bike-way spurs have been identified to extend from this park.

City documents state that a possible bike-way spur radiating out from Rotary Park involves designating and designing a bike-way along Davis Street or Florence Street.

Those corridors would have north-south bike routes which are far and few between in the city.

The routes would then intersect all existing east-west bike routes which would dramatically increase connectivity within the community.

"It's right through the middle of town," said True. "There are a lot of residents that could utilize this corridor and [it] also touches many community assets."

In addition to Rotary Park, True says that when interconnected, the bike routes would allow for safe travel to Memorial Park, Truman State University and the Greenwood School.

In total, the corridor would extend 15 blocks.

"Being able to connect all of those assets and all of those bike lanes together would improve bike connectivity and give the citizens of Kirksville an alternative way to travel throughout the community while also remaining active."

Kirksville city staffers applied for the TEAP Grant last week.

In November, it will be announced which cities and towns in the state of Missouri will receive the grant.

As previously mentioned, the streets to be analyzed if funding comes through, would be Florence or Davis; but what exactly would the study look for?

"It would analyze what the traffic counts are and how we can get bikes to utilize that street with cars."

True adds that street markings and signage would also be examined to determine what would fit best if the city opts to move forward with the creation of new bike routes in order to give cyclists priority when traveling.

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