Post office delivering packages seven days a week

Kirksville, Mo. Post Office (KTVO)

Santa Claus is busy one day a year on Christmas Eve, but for mail carriers, the work doesn’t even stop on Sundays now.

“We’ve been really growing in our package delivery in the last few years,” said Communications Specialist for the Post Office, Mike Cooke. “This year, just during the holiday season, we delivered over 850 million packages. If you include letters, magazines, and things like that, that was 15 billion pieces of mail. Just during the holidays.”

Cooke said there is so much mail, year-round, that carriers are delivering packages seven days a week.

“A lot of people are surprised when we knock on their door on Sunday and hand them the package, but they’re very happy at the same time to be receiving that,” Cooke told KTVO.

But Sunday deliveries have been standard for a while – and not just during the holidays.

“About two years ago we started delivering packages on Sundays,” Cooke explained. “We were just receiving so many packages that we felt it would be best to start delivering on Sundays so that we could stay caught up throughout the week.”

Rain, heat, cold, snow, ice – or the weekend doesn’t stop mail carriers from getting your items to you.

But Cooke says a little walkway care would be helpful during winter weather.

“There’s a lot of black ice on the steps, and things like that, if people could just throw some salt down we would really appreciate it,” Cooke said. “We hate it when our carriers are injured.”

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