Principal & TV Show Star: Teaching inspiration through chasing dreams

Image courtesy: Maximum Outdoors TV

Steve Noble spends his days as a principal at EBF Junior-Senior school.

But if he looks familiar, you might be able to recognize him from somewhere else besides the school hallways.

Noble stars in a show on the Pursuit Channel, called ‘Maximum Outdoors TV.’

Getting there, though, began with a different dream.

“It really started with us traveling to Illinois, I was a high school principal in Michigan and we were, my brother-in-law and myself, we were traveling to Illinois to deer hunt because we always had a dream to deer hunt in Illinois, and we were seeing some really cool things happening there,” Noble recalled. “We’d go back and tell our friends about some of the things we were seeing and they wouldn’t believe us, so we said, ok, we’ve got to prove this somehow, so we started carrying around cameras.”

It was a trip to Northern Michigan that landed Noble and his brother-in-law on TVs across the country.

“Shot a very nice black bear there with my bow, brought the footage back, and we made basically a pilot show with that and we sent it off to the Sportsman Channel and they approved it,” Noble explained. “We got a contract and we’ve been rolling ever since.”

Including rolling all over the country, and into Canada.

“Now it’s Ohio, 32-hours in a truck to go to Saskatchewan to hunt moose and to hunt mule deer, it’s New Mexico, it’s Montana, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, we’ve been going all over the place, we’ve even done a hog hunt down in Arkansas,” Noble said. “We’re just having a blast, getting out there and hunting different animals, getting to see different places in the United States, and meeting different people. It’s been just a tremendous joy for us.”

What started as a show, grew into something greater for Noble, his viewers, and his family.

“The more that I got into hunting, the more I absolutely enjoyed it. The more we filmed, the more I enjoyed not only filming, but it really turned into more of a passion about the story than anything. Not so much about us being in front of the camera and hunting, it was about the stories of us hunting and the people we encounter along the way, and telling those stories, that’s what became very important to us,” Noble said.

“We portray veterans on our show, we want the people to have great stories, and a great story that can motivate others, those are the people that are the celebrities. Our kids are on our show, we get them out and they’re doing their thing in the outdoors and that hopefully will inspire other parents and fathers and mothers and grandparents to get kids, the next generation, out to hunt and fish as well. That’s what we really want to do is inspire.”

Noble says hunting also teaches valuable lessons.

“There’s a lot of things that are taught to an individual when you’re hunting,” he said. “It’s not really about the kill, it’s about the chase and it’s about the adventure.”

Just like the chase and adventure that brought Noble to Southeast Iowa to be a school Principal.

“We left Michigan, my wife Melissa, and my two kids, we basically had all of our family around us, within 10 miles, and so it was very difficult for us to leave. But this was what was on our hearts, we felt that Iowa presented some great opportunities for my family, I felt like it presented a great place for us to do the things that we really enjoy and so that was a real tough thing but I want our kids to know that they can chase their dreams, they can go do what they want to do,” Noble said.

“Quite often we get ourselves into a box, I know I was in a box when I was a kid in Michigan – you don’t know what’s out there for you. Well, there’s a lot that’s out there for you and you can have whatever you want, you’ve just got to be willing to go chase it, you’ve got to have the courage to go chase it, and that’s what I want the kids at school to know, and quite frankly, that’s what I want my kids to know too.”

‘Maximum Outdoors TV,’ now in its fifth season, airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. on the Pursuit Channel.

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