Project Homeless Connect event to be held this weekend

Photo Courtesy: Project Homeless Connect

Project Homeless Connect returns to the Heartland this weekend.

Project Homeless Connect is a day where NEMO Connect and other service providers in the area give back to those in need.

Anybody that's homeless or at risk of becoming homeless can come to the event to get help.

A variety of options including meals, groceries to take home, free haircuts and dental screenings will be included.

Housing applications, health care benefits and food stamps will also be provided.

"Well I don't think that our homeless population is as evident as it is in larger communities but it exists," said NEMO Connect Vice Chair Patti Preston. "It's at our front door and as a community we need to come together and we need to try to provide services so that we can get these people off the streets or off somebody's couch and get them set up with the kinds of things that would prevent them from being homeless or get them back into housing somehow."

Project Homeless Connect will take place Friday, October 6, at the Moose Lodge from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Any Kirksville transit bus will be free to everybody to ride that day for the event.

NEMO Connect is always in need of volunteers, if you are interested in volunteering email for more information.

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