Prosecution continues to present case in Techel trial

Seth Techel in court

The prosecution continued to present its case Friday morning on day five of the first degree murder trial of Seth Techel.

For much of the morning, Colton Millard was on the stand. Millard was a life long friend of both Seth and Lisa Techel.

On cross-examination, when asked about the gun used to kill Lisa Techel, Millard told jurors that he and Seth Techel had fired the gun many times and that it had never jammed.

The defense will contend that someone unfamiliar with the murder weapon must have used it in the early morning hours of May 26, 2012, because the gun was found with one fired round jammed in the chamber.

Millard also told jurors that he had a conversation with Techel about his relationship with Rachel McFarland.

â??I told him that he was stupid and that he needed to stop. He knew it was dumb and said he was going toâ??

Late in the morning session, DCI criminalist Mike Halverson took the stand. Halverson was the principal crime scene investigator on the case.

Halverson took the jury through the crime scene step by step relying on the crime scene photos, including those showing a deceased Lisa Techel in her bed.

The entire courtroom grew silent when Halverson began presenting photos of the Techelâ??s bedroom.

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