Protecting plants in extreme heat

Itâ??s hot, itâ??s humid and itâ??s sticky. So how does that affect the plants many of us have spent a lot of money and time on? Sometimes, not so good.

We spoke with Kristy Ostrander of Ostranders Flowers in Eldon who told us some of the common mistakes gardeners make when taking care of their plants in extreme heat. She said the biggest mistake is that people tend to not water heavy enough.

Ostrander said the worst thing to do is only surface water your plants.

â??You can't just dribble a little here. The best thing is to water it thoroughly, first thing in the morning, turn it on. You want to get at least an inch or two of moisture in there so it can sink down to get to the roots. If you only water the top then youâ??re going to have shallow root system and your plants going to suffer for it so water in the morning when it's cooler, let that water soak in good but thereâ??s only so much you can do when its hot, theyâ??re going to feel the stress,â?? said Ostrander.

Ostrander said itâ??s very important to let your water hose run until the water is cool. She said often times people accidentally burn their flowers with the hot water that has been sitting in the hose in the sun.

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