Protecting your car from frigid temperatures

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Bitterly cold temperatures have hit the Heartland.

While it's important to protect yourself and pets during the frigid temps, it's also necessary to protect your vehicle.

KTVO's Ashley Hoak has the tips you need to know this winter season.

If your car is making a clicking sound, it's a sign the cold weather has taken a toll on your battery.

What do you do next?

Before you even jump-start the battery, you'll need a set of jumper cables and a willing volunteer with a running car to complete the jump.

Once you have your car up and running, you may want to take it to an auto shop to check if the battery needs replaced.

But what do you do to make sure you don't have a battery issue again this winter?

One of the best tips is to warm the engine with a block heater.

The heater warms the engine and oil and eases start-up.

Parking in a garage, if possible, also helps to shelter a car's engine from icy winds and freezing temperatures.

One final tip is to keep your fuel tank full during the winter.

It's much more difficult to start a cold car with a mostly-empty tank.

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