Public's reaction to President Obama's speech

Hundreds of people gathered for President Obama's speech on Tuesday

There wouldnâ??t be a campaign event without an audience and on Tuesday, you could feel the excitement in the air as President Obama took his place at the podium in Oskaloosa at the Nelson Pioneer Farm.

KTVO talked to many of those who attended President Obamaâ??s speech.

â??Millions of Americans across the country don't get the chance we have right here and you need to take your chance when you get it no matter what party; support the president and take part in the political process,â?? said Mike Long

Mike Long was just one of the hundreds of people who came to see the sitting president, what many would call a once in a lifetime experience.

A common theme among many of those that we talked with said that Obama was dealt with a bad hand when he took office in 2008 from the preceding president.

â??I think the country is in a difficult time. I think we will get through it. I think that Obamaâ??s policies will help us get through and for all of the people to get through,â?? said Donna Crookham.

The crowds did not hold back their excitement at all; cheers for Obama could be heard the entirety of his speech.

â??The crowds got the most riled up about wind energy in Iowa and education in Iowa. And we pride ourselves in education. I think jobs is obviously going to be one of the biggest issues out there and then the new -- especially with Paul Ryan as the new V.P. candidate on the right. Fundamental vision for the future is probably going to be the big -- where itâ??s going to head now I think,â?? said Bryan Scheckel.

"Thank you Mr. President. Carry on. Be proud of what youâ??ve done and be safe,â?? said Crookham.

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