Putnam County hospital officials refute debt reports

Putnam County Hospital (Photo: KTVO)

Putnam County Memorial Hospital officials deny that the hospital is in any danger of closing, and refutes accusations that the facility's financials are in dire straits.

Responding to accusations made last week, hospital administration said Thursday that the allegations of "crippling debt" misrepresent the hospital's financial situation. The hospital's CFO and Board President Howard Luscan reiterated to KTVO that every payroll has been met without issue.

Board members said the source of recent rumors likely stem from ex-employees, and refuted each claim made last week.

"Recent mandated changes by the federal government in billing/coding processes, coupled with a change in the hospital's electronic medical record software has caused delays in reimbursement beyond our control," a statement from the executive team said.

The leadership group says that any rumors of the hospital being in critical condition have no basis in fact, and that the facility has no intention to close in the foreseeable future.

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