Putnam County Memorial Hospital CEO and COO resign

Putnam County Memorial Hospital (KTVO)

The husband and wife leadership team of Putnam County Memorial Hospital has resigned.

The hospital's Board of Trustees accepted the resignations of CEO Cindy Cummings and COO Jerry Cummings at a meeting Tuesday evening. The day-to-day operations will be handled by a five-person executive team that includes department leaders from the hospital.

The chair of the executive team, compliance officer Nathan Baughman, told KTVO over the phone Wednesday that patients should not worry about any interruptions in quality of care.

"We're open and will continue to provide the high quality care for patients that we always have," Baughman said.

The Cummings couple made waves across the state this summer when they widely received credit for turning around hospital operations after taking over in 2012, the hospital days away from closing. In a tough economic climate for rural hospitals, Putnam County Memorial was held up as a model for how to keep rural operations running in the black.

Behind a $7 million bond issue that bought out the hospital's remaining debt, the Cummingses added three new doctors in the first month, and set to expanding operations--right up to a $354,000 grant for new mammography equipment this October.

Baughman said he's not aware of any reason to think that the hospital's finances have returned to critical condition.

When reached at her home Wednesday morning, Cindy Cummings said she did not wish to comment at this time.

Adding fuel to the rumors that the hospital is in financial trouble, Baughman indicated that just a day after the resignations, there is not currently a plan to begin a search for a new CEO, but did say that a future search is "not out of the question."

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