Reflecting on the end of the election season

Political parties here in the Heartland are getting ready to celebrate the end of this election season.

We went to both the Republican and Democratic Headquarters in Kirksville earlier Tuesday as people talked about their experiences going to the polls and seeing everyone in line casting their votes.

All in all, both parties are proud of the hard work of their it's just wait and see what the voters have decided.

"It's always amazing to be a part of the voting process and working with other people. We want everyone to go out and vote no matter what party you belong to," said Voter Claudia Minor.

If you are wondering where the watch parties are going to be, Adair County Democrats will be at the Dukum Inn while the Adair County Republicans will be at Steve's Garden Deli, both in Kirksville.

The parties are set to start at 7 p.m. when the polls close in Missouri.

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