Report of local human trafficking attempt debunked

Macon police investigated the incident and do not believe it was a human trafficking attempt. (MGN Online)

A northeast Missouri police chief is putting to rest rumors of a local human trafficking attempt.

Macon Police Chief Adam Dawdy issued a statement Monday regarding a social media post made on Sunday.

That post claimed a "human trafficking" situation took place on Highway 36. That is not what the investigation revealed.

Two Macon officers responded to the call to speak with the reporting party regarding a vehicle following her at a high rate of speed on Highway 36.

An officer was able to speak at length with the woman and a family member before they continued their travels.

A second officer attempted to locate the described vehicle on Highway 36, but he could not find it.

"We believe this situation to be suspicious behavior and consider it to be a possible situation where one speeding driver decided to follow another speeding vehicle to avoid potential traffic enforcement,” Dawdy said. “At this time, we do not have the elements of a crime defined as human trafficking where people are abducted and illegally transported for the purpose of forced labor or sexual exploitation."

The chief went on to say the woman was clearly concerned about being followed and made the decision to it report to law enforcement for her own safety.

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