Republican Party of Iowa opens office in Ottumwa

Republican Party of Iowa opens office in Ottumwa.

Wapello County is traditionally known as a left-leaning county, but the Republican Party of Iowa is looking to take the lead.

The Republican Party of Iowa opened up an office in Ottumwa Saturday.

This mean the GOP has staffed offices in all the congressional districts; Des Moines, Sioux City, Hiawatha and now Ottumwa.

Republican Party of Iowa co-chairman Cody Hoefert feels it is critically important that they open a victory office in the heart of the second district.

"We think it's important that all voters all across Iowa hear our message and that's part of this office opening is we are going to take the republican message all across Iowa, all four districts into every neighborhood to spread to every diversity," Hoefert said.

The office was full of Wapello County residents and Republicans, including Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks.

The chairman and co-chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa believe this office in Ottumwa will help give Republicans support they want and help them get their message out.

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