Residents in the Heartland celebrate watching The Big Game

AT Still University had a private party in the banquet room at the Dukum Inn. (KTVO)

The Dukum Inn in downtown Kirksville was the place to be to watch the Big Game Sunday.

Residents shared some of their favorite football traditions and who they were cheering for.

"I love how everyone comes to watch two teams that they don't necessarily care about," said A.T. Still University student Paul Wehner.
"I think it's fun at the bar when everyone is hollering at each other and you hear everyone yelling from different sections for different teams getting mad at each other, " said Dukum Inn employee Chade Shorten.
"The halftime is a great time. I think getting together with people who are just treating it as another day to celebrate," said AT. Still University Professor Dan Martin.
"If I had to choose I'll have the Rams to win," said A.T. Still Student Taylor Cummins.
"I'm hoping Rams," said Wehner.
"Honestly I think this Super Bowl should've been cancelled this year. I couldn't pick," said Shorten.

The Patriots defeated the Rams in the lowest scoring Super Bowl in history, 13-3.

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