Residents up in arms about proposed propane plant

The Kirksville City Council listened as residents spoke about their concerns.

The Kirksville City Council was all ears Monday night at its regular meeting as more than a dozen residents showed up to express their concerns about a proposed bulk propane plant.

The proposed location is a lot on West Northtown Road behind Aldi grocery store and across the street from Shockey's Trailer Court.

Most of the people who came to the meeting are residents in that trailer court.

A couple of group representatives said it is their understanding that United Energy plans to install a 30,000-gallon propane tank on the site.

The residents told the council about their concerns, mainly if there was an explosion at the propane plant, how many homes, businesses and even the Adair County Ambulance District headquarters would be in the blast zone.

"The EMS is down there within the distance, and so that would create a problem there if there was an explosion or anything, and then of course, a number of business places all around there and so it could be an endangerment to many, many people," said Lonnie Byrn, a resident of Shockeyâ??s Trailer Court.

City Manager Mari Macomber told the group the company proposing to put in the propane plant has not yet applied for a building permit.

Macomber said she has instructed the Kirksville Codes and Planning director not to issue such a permit until she and City Attorney Howard Hickman have had a chance to review all the information related to the plant.

That meeting is set for Wednesday.

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