Retailers pleased with Black Friday turnout

JCPenney saw a more than 4 percent rise in stock, a $3.40 share. (Louis Finley/KTVO)

Black Friday deals and door-busters helped companies like J.C. Penney achieve sales not seen possibly since 2011.

Particularly for J.C. Penney, this was a high note. Earlier this year, the company announced closure of nearly 15 percent of its stores.

"I didn't know what to expect since we were opening earlier, but we had a large crowd right off the bat," said Kirksville J.C. Penney manager Janet Gremaud.

Gremaud said promotions on toys, jewelry and televisions were big sellers.

"Before we even opened we had a long line. We opened at two," Gremaud said.

The store opened an hour earlier than last year.

"It was exciting, we didn't know if we could run any more through our registers," Gremaud said.

Near end-of-day Monday, J.C. Penney saw a more than 4 percent rise in stock, a $3.40 share.

"Everybody was in good spirits so that made it fun for us," Gremaud said.

Overall, the deals may not bode well for the company. Last month, J.C. Penney announced higher than expected loss projections which caused shares to hit an all-time low, namely due to large markdowns in its women's apparel.

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