Rising OHS Freshmen prepare for high school

    Informational parent meeting at Ottumwa High School (KTVO)

    Thursday night, Ottumwa High School auditorium was filled with rising freshmen and parents. The meeting consisted of informing parents and students of course offerings and after school activities.

    Some students spoke to KTVO about how the meeting was beneficial to them.

    “There’s like so many paths that we can do and it’s gonna be really helpful to have things like this and all of the different options we can see what our possibilities are,” said Sara Mcelroy, eighth grade student.

    High school is not just about academics. Students told KTVO that school activities are what some students are most looking forward to.

    "Finding my way around and I guess I'm excited also for the social aspect, but also a little nervous there because we have a lot more grades and it's a little bit different so I'm excited," said Katie Shewry, eighth grade student

    During the meeting, faculty and staff went over what courses they had to offer the future Bulldogs. The parents and students also learned that some college courses will be available to the students and can be transferred when they graduate and go off to college.

    "Sometimes like the honors classes if I decide to go into those, but they kind of went over how that's not really that hard. It's just emphasized than what the other classes are," said Ashlynn Sheets, eighth grade student"

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