Rotary club to celebrate 100th anniversary

Rotary club to celebrate 100th anniversary (Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO)

The Rotary Club in Kirksville is preparing to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

“It’s an organization that is always trying to do good for the community and it’s been doing that for 100 years," said member Jeff Romine.

Members say it's the worlds largest association of friends.

Rotary International started 110 years ago in Chicago and in Kirksville, members are preparing to celebrate its centennial.

“We’re not a part of many things that have a 100 year anniversary history and so we’re excited about getting together with people and celebrating the service that Rotary has brought to the Kirksville community over that period of time," said member Ron Gader.

One of the biggest ways members say the organization has progressed is by becoming more inclusive.

“It used to be a male only club," said member David Nichols.

Woman were allowed to join Rotary Club around 1985.

“It probably should have happened long before it did. Without women in Rotary we would not be anywhere as good as we are today," said member Matt Eichor.

There are several Rotary clubs in Kirksville including North Star Rotary, ATSU Rotaract, and Thousand Hills Rotary Club.

In Kirksville, the club has contributed to updating Rotary park, lighting up the baseball field, and eradicating cases of polio throughout the U.S.

“ It’s comprised of people, business professionals and both men and women who want to make a difference in this world," said Romine.

Several Kirksville members have been apart of Rotary Club for over 4 decades.

The 100th celebration will take place March 10 at Truman State University.

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