RSVP needs volunteers

    John Miller, RSVP Director, giving a presentation to the residents of Sunny Brook Assisted Living and Memory Care.

    If you are over the age of 55 and looking to become a volunteer, RSVP may be the group for you.

    RSVP stands for Retired, and Senior Volunteer Program.

    RSVP of Jefferson County is now looking for more volunteers.

    Monday afternoon John Miller, RSVP Director, gave a presentation to the residents at the SunnyBrook Assisted Living and Memory Care.

    Peggy Fisher, Director of RSVP Programs, gave us some benefits of joining RSVP.

    “It’s a wonderful opportunity. People that volunteer in their age 55 and over live longer, and they have better social connections with people. They get out, they exercise some more, it’s a wonderful program for people to stay connected and to utilize the things that they’ve grown and learned throughout the years, “said Fisher.

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