Scenic Drive Festival is this weekend in Van Buren County


The annual Scenic Drive Festival is this weekend in Van Buren County.

The great thing about this festival is that it’s not located in one location, it actually holds several different events all over the county.

Towns like Birmingham in the northern part of the county to Cantril in the southern part of the county and everywhere in between hold parardes, sales, shows, and other festivals from October 12 to October 14.

And for the small towns that pepper one of southeast Iowa’s most picturesque county's, it’s one of the biggest tourist attractions of the year.

“We do know this is the only time of the year that you’ll even come close to a traffic jam in Van Buren County,” said Villages of Van Buren, Inc. executive director Stacey Reese.

Watch KTVO Wednesday night at 10 to see everything that you can expect for this weekend’s festival.

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