School leaders react to Prop One vote outcome

An informational meeting about Prop One on July 24 (KTVO)

On Tuesday, voters in Macon and Shelby counties voted ‘no’ to Proposition One.

A ‘yes’ vote would have changed the boundaries on a portion of the Shelby County R-IV School District to be detached and made a part of the Macon County R-1 District.

80-percent of voters in Shelby County voted no.

And in Macon County, 65 percent voted no.

That means the boundaries will stay as they are, and the issue cannot be addressed for another two years.

Shelby County R-IV School District Tim Maddex issued this statement to KTVO regarding the outcome of the vote,

“We are excited that we are keeping our Cardinals together. We appreciate the support we receive from our community, parents, and patron for our students. It's time to get the school year started, building the culture and climate that makes Shelby County R-IV strong.”

Macon County Superintendent Scott Jarvis sent us this statement,

“I would like to congratulate Mr. Maddex and the people of Shelby County on the Proposition 1 Ballot. The residents in Shelby County went to the polls yesterday in large numbers and voted to keep their district together. The residents of Macon County also showed overwhelming support for their neighbors to the East. It is now time for both school districts to get back to the task of educating their youth. I wish Shelby County R-IV much success in building their new building project.”

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