Scotland County R-1 School wins state award

Scotland County R-1 School wins state award (Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO)

A Heartland school recently received an award from the state of Missouri.

“ Just so proud. I mean the work that they do. The elementary school and our high school," said Superintendent Ryan Bergeson.

At the end of January, five members of the Scotland County R-1 Elementary PLC Leadership Team accepted an exemplary award at the 2019 Powerful Learning Conference.

“ I was very proud of our district and our teachers because it was a team effort," said PLC member Don Triplett.

The award was made possible due to the entire staff and specifically the Elementary Professional Learning Community Leadership Team.

“ We want to make sure we have the best staff, the best environment, the best culture," said PLC member Jenny Bergeson.

Scotland County R-1 has been a PLC School for 10 years.

Due to their positive work, it was suggested by the Regional Professional Development Center that they apply for the exemplary award.

“ We had to fill out an application. As that, we had to show pieces of hard data," said elementary school principle Erin Tallman.

Part of the application process included showing how the school was advancing in academics and culture.

“ We just starting collecting, I guess you could say artifacts to put in the application which included things from kindergarten through 6th grade," said Triplett.

The next process included representatives coming to school.

“ They came on site and did an onsite interview with our leadership team. With random students, random teachers," said Tallman, "just to see if basically what we put on paper is being exemplified with fidelity on a daily basis."

The team found out last fall they received the award and were officially recognized in late January.

“ I wasn’t surprised, but I was surprised. I saw the work that went in to get the distinction," said Bergeson.

The five members say that even though they are the faces of the PLC team, receiving the award would not have been possible without the help of the entire school staff.

“ I really feel like everybody here, all of our teachers are members of that leadership team because it took the work that all of them did to put on that paper for that application," said Tallman.

A total of nine schools in Missouri were recognized for Exemplary Professional Learning Opportunities.

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