SE Iowa man loses appeal over whether he threw vomit or urine at officers

Daniel Eugene Wilson, 57 (Des Moines County Jail)

The Iowa Court of Appeals has rejected the appeal of a Des Moines County man.

The court handed down the decision last week.

According to the court's published decision, in 2011, Daniel Eugene Wilson, 57, was serving a misdemeanor sentence in the Des Moines County Jail.

During his incarceration, he threw a substance at several corrections officers.

The officers believed the substance was urine.

That led to several charges including, Assault using Bodily Secretions.

Wilson appealed his conviction arguing that he had, in fact, thrown vomit on the officers, which didn’t meet the elements of the crime.

The Appeals Court rejected that argument, saying among other things, the evidence at trial showed the substance was urine.

Wilson also lost his appeal on ineffectiveness of council and cruel and unusual punishment.

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