Self-defense items make it to the craft fair

The craft fair took place inside the Quincy Place Mall in Ottumwa.

The Craft Fair took place Saturday afternoon at the Quincy Place Mall in Ottumwa.

A variety of vendors were present, selling hand-crafted items ranging from jewelry to bags and stuffed animals.

But, there was one vendor who was selling items for self-defense. Melissa Adams is the owner of 'Defensive Dames.' She is rape victim and since the incident, Adams has become a self-defense instructor and vendor of things that can protect women.

Saturday afternoon, Adams was selling alarms, stun guns and pepper spray, among other things. She says she wants women to know they can protect themselves with something other than a gun.

“I wanted there to be a none lethal solution for women. Not every woman, it doesn’t make sense for her to carry a firearm. Whether it’s in her work place or because she has small children, she just doesn’t want to carry a firearm. There are options and every woman needs to know that there’s options."

Adams also owns a gun store in Oskaloosa. She says she just recently started attending craft fairs as a way to reach out to more female customers.

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