Shane Ryan found not guilty of attempted murder

Shane Ryan was found not guilty of attempted murder, but guilty of first degree arson and burglary./KTVO

Wapello County jurors reached a verdict late Friday afternoon after deliberating for about two-and-a-half hours in the trial of Ottumwa resident Shane Ryan, who was accused of arson and attempted murder.

After a week of testimony, jurors found Ryan not guilty of Attempted Murder.

But, they convicted him of First-Degree Arson and First-Degree Burglary as well as two counts of Assault while Participating in a Felony.

Prosecutor Gary Oldenburger concluded his closing argument Friday by saying Ryan was upset and wanted his ex-wife and daughter to burn with him and the house.

But, defense lawyer Allen Cook stood by his initial statement that the attempted murder charges are “ridiculous.” Cook argued that Ryan told the two to get out of the house before he even started the fire.

Oldenburger says it is hard to know what the jury is thinking during the trial.

“From our perspective, it seemed obvious that Mr. Ryan was in fact attempting to kill them, but you know, we don’t always know what the jury is thinking and how they perceived the evidence in the trial,” said Oldenburger.

Next up in the case, Ryan will be sentenced on April 16, 2018. He faces up to 60 years in prison with a 25-year minimum.

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