Sheriff: Driver found sleeping in car busted for meth

Russell Jeffries, 37, of Kirksville, was taken into custody Monday afternoon. (Photo: Schuyler County Sheriff's Office)

A call about someone sleeping in their car in the middle of the day ends with a drug bust.

Russell Jeffries, 37, of Kirksville, was arrested and charged with one count of Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Schuyler County Sheriff Joe Wuebker received a phone call shortly after noon on Monday about a man sleeping inside his vehicle in Greentop, Missouri.

When Wuebker arrived at that location, he noticed the vehicle and that it belonged to Jeffries as the license plate matched that of his vehicle. Jeffries was asleep in the driver seat.

According to court documents, Wuebker recognized Jeffries from a picture that a fellow deputy sent him regarding a separate incident.

Wuebker woke up Jeffries and asked him to step out of the car.

Jeffries was asked if anything illegal was inside the vehicle, and Jeffries stated "no."

When asked if his car could be searched, Jeffries replied that he didn’t have a choice because he was on probation and subject to a warrantless search.

When asked if there was anything in his vehicle, Jeffries acknowledged there may be a plastic baggie with some residue.

Upon searching the vehicle, Wuebker found a pack of cigarettes in the center console. Inside the pack was a small plastic baggie containing a crystal substance.

When asked what it was, Jeffries said it looks like drugs.

A field test showed a positive result of methamphetamine.

Jeffries was handcuffed, transported to Schuyler County Sheriff’s Office and booked into jail.

A background check of Jeffries showed prior felony convictions in Missouri in 2003 for Possession of Methamphetamine and in 2018 for Second-Degree Burglary..

He was also arrested in March 2018 for Possession of a Controlled Substance Except 35 Grams or Less of Marijuana.

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