Shipley weighs in on Utilities Board and smart meters

    An Alliant Energy spokesperson said smart meters look similar to the digital meters. (KTVO) <br>

    Iowa’s Utility Board decided that smart meters won’t be a requirement.

    This comes after pushback from citizens across the state. The smart meters would allow energy companies to read the meters from a distance.

    But Citizens were concerned about their privacy and whether the meters would be environmental friendly.

    KTVO spoke with St. Rep. Jeff Shipley and he said he was happy with the decision.

    "The concerns of the customers were taken very seriously and the Iowa utility board took them very seriously. So, I was very pleased. I thought it was a very fair decision for both customers and the utility and for me representing Fairfield, when you get all the corporate lawyers from Des Moines and Cedar Rapids, but its citizens from Fairfield driving this discussion, that’s something I’m very proud of," Shipley said.

    Shipley added that he is working on legislation that allows citizens to opt out of having smart meters in case this decision changes in the future.

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