Smart meter complaints reach Iowa Attorney General's mobile office

Electronic engineer, Robert Palma sheds light on effects of smart meters at the Fairfield Senior Citizen Center on Tuesday/KTVO

A mobile office hosted by the Iowa Attorney General's Office in Fairfield Tuesday struck up more conversation about smart meters.

The controversial technology has the attention of Fairfield residents, now that Alliant Energy is asking consumers to use them.

Critics say the devices, which are designed to collect data more efficiently, are a health risk because they have been known to emit high levels of radiation.

Tuesday’s visit with the attorney general's office was intended to focus on consumer protection complaints. Several people in attendance Tuesday believe this is a consumer protection issue.

Even so, a representative with the attorney general's office said those concerned about smart meters should take their complaints to the Iowa Utilities Board.

KTVO spoke to two members of the community who plan to do so:

"We're a community of people who are very concerned about health and so we need to preserve this community, which is very special," said Fairfield resident, Janet Eversten.
"So what we want to do, is keep analogue meters,” said another concerned citizen, Einar Olsen. “It’s what we would urge everyone to do."

Eversten said right now, opting out isn't an option they've been given. She said more than 400 Fairfield residents have submitted certified refusal letters to Alliant, in the hopes of changing that.

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