Social media scam touted as online quiz

Facebook quizzes are one of their newest tools in stealing information. (MGN)

In the social media age, little is private, and scammers are taking advantage of the situation.

Facebook quizzes are one of their newest tools in stealing information.

"A lot of the time the Facebook quiz is going to start out asking for information, whether it's your cell phone number or your email address," said Kirksville Police Department Detective Steve Feeney.

In many cases, Feeney said the email given is linked to your Facebook account.

"A lot of the time the scammers are looking just to get the information to use to take over your Facebook account," Feeney said.

Here's how scammers do it.

"They get creative to where they'll be asking specific questions just to get security questions," Feeney said.

What's your dog's name? What's your mother's maiden name? Sounds familiar?

These are questions asked to protect your email account.

"They're often hard to visualize and see that whenever you're on these pages," Feeney said.

Facebook's Data Policy says third-party services can access things like your list of friends, username and age range. More strikingly, "information collected by these apps, websites or integrated services is subject to their own terms and policies" according to Facebook’s policy.

"They're just doing everything they can to steal money,” Feeney said.

Proving in this data age, information is a new form of currency.

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