Southeast Iowa voters will get to chat with state legislators

Residents will be able to talk to their local legislators Saturday morning at the Bridge View Center in Ottumwa./KTVO

Southeast Iowa residents will have the chance to talk with their state legislators in a town-hall type forum this weekend.

Saturday morning the Ottumwa League of Women Voters and the Convention and Visitors Bureau will host a legislative session.

Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Connie Hammersley-Wilson says the event is a chance for residents to find out what’s happening on the hill.

“We are a democracy and the people we vote in are held accountable to us, and that they are there to hear us and to listen and to do the work that we voted them to go in and do. And to hold them accountable for that,” said Hammersley - Wilson.

The legislative session will begin Saturday morning at nine at the Bridge View Center in Ottumwa.

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