Stolen lottery tickets fueled suspicious fire

A sheriff's deputy found remnants of burned lottery tickets in a fire pit in the timber behind the Hook residence on Stahl Road northwest of Novinger, Mo. (John Garlock/KTVO)

KTVO has learned new information now about a suspicious timber fire that happened Wednesday afternoon.

The blaze charred an estimated five acres behind the Hook residence on Stahl Road, about six miles northwest of Novinger, Missouri.

The Hooks are over-the-road truck drivers, and they were out of state at the time of the fire.

We had reported earlier that firefighters said it appeared the blaze originated in a fire pit behind the Hook's home.

An Adair County sheriff's deputy told KTVO Friday that investigators found remnants of burned lottery tickets in that fire pit.

The serial numbers revealed that those were tickets stolen from the 7th Heaven Convenience Store in Novinger early Monday morning.

Deputy Tracy Salisbury said they are still not sure who started the fire.

He said they are investigating a series of events that could be connected or could just be coincidental.

Salisbury said deputies still have more people to talk to as part of the investigation.

Neighbors told KTVO deputies have questioned them about any suspicious activity they may have seen in the area.

If you know anything about Wednesday afternoon's fire, you are asked to call the Adair County Sheriff's Office at (660) 665-4644.

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