Storm causes extensive damage in Sullivan County

Storm causes extensive damage in Sullivan County (Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO)

Residents say it was scary Saturday night in Sullivan County.

Many were woken up in the middle of the night to their houses shaking and the sound of hail raining down on their homes.

Homes and barns completely destroyed.

That is the result of a storm that happened Sunday morning in northern Sullivan County.

Residents KTVO spoke with did not want to be on camera, but they did tell KTVO how much damage their properties received.

A home located in Pollock, Missouri, had it's living room ceiling and roof completely torn off.

Debris was scattered all over the property.

No one was at the residence when the roof was torn off, but a relative of the owner says there is still hail inside the home along with water damage and broken windows.

Residents at another barn located on highway BB say they will have to completely rebuild.

Just a couple miles north, more barns completely destroyed with only the wreckage remaining.

Some residents say they lost power and there were downed tree limbs all across the county.

Right now, residents say their main goal is to clean up the debris and rebuild.

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