Students can enroll in both MACC and Truman in blended program

Students can enroll in MACC and Truman in blended program (Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO)

Truman State University and Moberly Area Community College have joined together to give college students the best of both worlds.

Their blended admission program is called TruMACC and it allows students to be co-enrolled in both MACC and Truman.

Students are admitted as degree seeking students at MACC and then take classes as non-degree students at Truman.

After the completion of 12 credit hours, students can transfer to Truman.

Transfer Program Coordinator Ted Frushour says not all students are ready to be full time students at Truman coming right out of high school.

The joint program offers students a smooth transition and a chance to experience different academic settings.

Students in the program are able to experience most of the 4-year college benefits offered at Truman.

“We encourage them to live in the dorm. They can join any organization at Truman they’d like to join. Anything any other Truman student could do," said Director of Kirksville Higher Education Center Artie Fowler.
“ I think it’s a different way to reach students. For Truman to reach out and bring students in. I think they’re a lot of students in the region who maybe wouldn’t consider Truman, but with TruMACC, they’re able to kind of experience it a little bit and see how it is and then come across," said Frushour.

Students looking to enroll in the program can complete the admission application at either school as well as the TruMACC supplement form.

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