Students win top honors at state science fair

Students from Van Buren Community Schools win award from state science fair/KTVO-Louis Finley

Students from the Van Buren Community Schools took home the Clay Groff Traveling Trophy at the State Science and Technology Fair of Iowa.

Students have researched and developed their projects since as early as June, and projects include creating a biological battery out of manure which creates electricity and growing bacteria to see which acne medication was most effective at killing it.

Not only are the students coming off of a series of wins at local, regional and state competitions, junior Callum Beebe scored a 36 on his science ACT -- a perfect score.

With a focus on the lack of women in science related fields, in a class of 20, only two are men.

"There's a lot of males in science, and a lot of men that have done this, so it's kind of a little intimidating," junior Mackenzie Winslow said.

Winslow is already taking science classes at Indian Hills Community College.

"I love to do things hands on and see effects, and with science I do. It's all hands on, and I can see what I do and how it effects something."

For Van Buren Community Schools science teacher Amanda Schiller, women in science is normal.

"I came from a family of science teachers, and my two sisters are also science teachers around the area. It's normal for us to see women in science. I'm glad to see my students here are finding a passion for science as well," Schiller said.

To add to the already successful year, Kamryn Banks was one of three freshman in Iowa to be selected to go to the International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles.

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