Study finds red and blue foods help memory recall

    (Sinclair Broadcast)

    Red and blue may have different meaning on Election Day when it comes to memory.

    A team at University of Cincinnati is looking for people to participate in a memory study concerning two different colors in food.

    The study compares powerful compounds in both red and blue foods to see how it helps with long term recollection.

    A simple phone call and a quick survey got one participant Sam Tawfik enrolled in this memory study.

    "It's just like one packet a day. You take it wherever you like and then you just keep track of your food - I think it's fantastic," Tawfik said.

    The packet includes a few nutrients that are found in foods like strawberries and blueberries.

    Dr. Robert Krikorian said it's all so that he can find out the potential of "nutritional interventions to try to show benefit for memory function and also brain function."

    Dr. Krikorian is looking for people who at mid-life are above the ideal body weight.

    He's also looking for people who answer the question, "Is your memory as good as it used to be" with "yes."

    Tawfik said, "It's like I start to forget stuff that happened, like even short term stuff."

    Dr. Krikorian said concerning the packet, "Of course since I'd never want to suggest you try something that I haven't tried, I tried it just in terms of taste. I know it's good for you."

    Whether they are red or blue these foods might do your brain a lot of good.

    If you qualify for the study you will be paid up to $200 for time and travel.

    For details, call 513-558-2455 or email Marcelle D Shidler, MA at

    For clinical trial information, click here.

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