Sue Ross Arts Center plans moving forward in Kirksville

A few weekends ago, drawings of the building were unveiled to the public. (KTVO File)

The plan to create the Sue Ross Arts Center in Kirksville is moving forward.

A few weekends ago, drawings of the building were unveiled to the public.

The Sue Ross Arts Center will take the place of the former Kirksville Arts Center building that was destroyed by a fire last year.

The group that called the building home - the Kirksville Arts Association - recently kicked off its capital fundraising campaign.

A dinner and art auction was held on the first anniversary of the fire.

In total, nearly $22,000 was raised from that event.

Kirksville Arts Association President Linda Treasure says those funds will go towards a new building.

She told KTVO none of this would be possible without support from the community.

"It's really wonderful to know that people in the community care about what we do at the Kirksville Arts Association. It's very touching. For the past year really, we've had so much support from the community."

As for the new name of the structure - Sue Ross was an original arts association board member and heavily involved with the arts community in Kirksville.

Her husband has donated a quarter of a million dollars towards the new building.

For more information on how you can help out the Kirksville Arts Association, click here.

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