Heartland building demolition started in summer still not done

The old Stagecoach Pizza building in Edina, MO is still standing after seven months of demolition (Stephen Sealey/KTVO).

Few months ago we reported on a historic building coming down--well it's still standing.

The Stagecoach Pizza building in Edina was scheduled to come down back in June.

The building is located on south Main and Lafayette.

Elected officials say they are unsure if the demolition deal fell through.

The demolition crew is under a private contract and has no involvement with the city of Edina.

Debris has fallen from the building since our last update.

The entire second floor has been removed.

Brick, lumber and the first floor are the only tangible memories of the building.

Caution cones surround the area to warn passersby.

Click here for the previous story on the Stagecoach Pizza building.

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