Tech expert discusses emoji meanings

Nearly four decades after they were created, some emoji are getting lost in translation. (Louis Finley/KTVO)

Emojis. They're trendy, they're fun and there are nearly 3,000 of them.

"It dates back 35 years, going back to 1982," said Anthony Nelson, U.S. Cellular store manager in Kirksville. "

It was first popularized with emoticons. Nearly four decades later, some emojis are getting lost in translation."

Nelson helped clear some of the confusion in the video above.

The famous brown-swirled, excrement-looking emoji is in fact chocolate swirl ice cream.

There are many others that have taken on a new meanings as well.

Emojis are also a quick way to write sentences though they might get lost in translation.

Nelson offers this advice, one that’s just as effective.

"Call the person on the other line, so that your story you're trying to tell … they've got the right side of it,” Nelson said.
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