Techel won't get fourth trial

Seth Techel in a Scott County Courtroom in July 2014./KTVO

Convicted murderer Seth Techel won't be granted a fourth trial.

The Iowa Appeals Court handed down the decision Wednesday morning.

Techel was convicted in July 2014 of killing his pregnant wife Lisa Caldwell Techel in the couple's Agency home.

His conviction came after two previous trials ended in hung juries.

In the weeks before a Scott County jury heard testimony in the third trial, it was discovered Lisa Techel was having an affair with a co-worker.

The defense appealed the conviction saying that the trial judge made an error in not granting Techel a continuance to investigate the affair.

The Appeals Court disagreed, acknowledging that the affair amounted to a twist in the case, but deciding the revelation of the affair had no impact on how the case was decided.

The Assistant Iowa Attorney General says he's pleased but the case could still end up before the Supreme Court.

"It never is really over, but of course we always breathe a sigh of relief whenever we get past each stage as we move along. And like we've always said, we think justice was served in this case and continue to think that,” said Assistant Iowa Attorney General, Scott Brown.

Techel will continue to serve a life sentence. He isn't eligible for parole.

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