The largest class graduates from the Maharishi University of Management


Nearly 600 students, the largest class to have graced the Maharishi University of Management, graduated Saturday in Fairfield, Iowa.

The students, who were receiving either an undergraduate, masters, or doctoral degree, were joined by their friends and family in celebration.

Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan addressed the class of 2017 as the university’s commencement speaker. Ryan’s motivational speech promoted ideas of creativity and success. The Congressman says the students at Maharishi have the opportunity to change the world.

“I think we need people who have got their stuff together, to go out into the world and be creative and help us solve some of these really intractable challenges that we really can’t seem to solve because we keep thinking the same way. And, these people here are learning how to think differently."

Ryan also says unlike most colleges, the Maharishi University of Management takes a different approach to teaching; one that creates a unique type of student.

579 students graduated and walked out of the Dome at the Maharishi University of Management. They’re facing some exciting career prospects as well.

“I’m starting a company that makes real life quests for businesses to facilitate team building, so a lot of fun, whimsical, magical stuff,” said Chris Grace who completed his undergraduate degree in physiology and health.

The event wasn’t just your typical graduation. Vice President of Academic Affairs Craig Pearson says the university also celebrated its vast diversity.

“We have students graduating from more than 50 countries today [Saturday]. So, it’s a huge international celebration that we’ve just had.”

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