The main food group that causes diabetes

The main food group that causes diabetes (Photo: MGN Online)

November is National Diabetes Month.

There are two types of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2.

Type 2 is more common, but both types affect nearly 700,00 people in the state of Missouri.

"The rate of Type 2 diabetes over the last several decades continues to increase," said Dr. Justin Puckett of Complete Family Medicine.

Puckett says one of the most common causes of diabetes is consuming too many refined carbohydrates.

“ So that’s all of the good stuff like breads and sugar, cakes, pasta, pies, even starches," said Puckett.

As a result, the body gets an overload of sugar in the blood and becomes insulin resistant.

“ Whenever we eat those things, especially whenever we just graze on them all throughout the day, our body has to maintain an insulin level at a high level," Puckett added.

This can cause many side affects.

“Someone may have increased urination, somebody may be extra thirsty. May not feel quite right in their head, a little foggy headed," said Puckett.

One of the most common indicators that someone has diabetes or is pre-diabetic is if they have a lot of excess weight in their midsection.

“ But if anybody is at risk for diabetes, and that’s folks who are not as active, folks who carry extra weight especially around their belly," said Puckett.

There are three primary ways to help prevent diabetes which include staying active, decreasing your carb consumption and increasing your fasting period.

“ Following something that I call the four, four, twelve rule. Where you’re having your breakfast, and then having four hours of no calories followed by your lunch, four hours of no calories to an afternoon snack, having your dinner, and then having a 12 hour calorie free fast overnight," said Puckett.

Even if you have a history of having normal blood sugar levels, Dr. Pucket suggests getting regular fasting glucose test.

This test can tell you if your blood sugar levels are normal, if you are pre-diabetic or if you have diabetes.

Normal blood glucose levels should be under 100.

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