How to keep the weight off without going on restrictive diet

How to keep excess weight off without going on a restrictive diet (Photo: MGN Online)

Forty-five million Americans will attempt to go on a diet this year and spend around $33 billion trying to lose weight and make healthier changes.

That's according to Kirksville Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Shelby Leppin.

Leppin says realistically, restrictive diets don't work and some people end up gaining more weight than they initially lost.

If you want to make lasting changes, Leppin says you should focus on three main factors.

First, eat more whole foods.

For example, fruits, vegetables, grass fed beef or fish.

Stick to the outside aisles.

Next, find a form of exercise that you enjoy.

This includes anything from swimming, to playing with your kids at the park or weight lifting.

Lastly, make sure you are starting a healthy journey for yourself and not for someone else.

“ If you don’t find a goal that you choose yourself, you’re not going to stick to it. So, really approaching it from a place of taking care of yourself rather than punishing yourself or trying to control how you look. That’s a healthier way to approach it," said Leppin.

Leppin says the best way to measure your success is to throw away the scale.

Instead take before and after pictures and compare your body measurements.

This is a more accurate readying of how much your body composition has changed from fat to muscle.

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