Things looking better this year for the United Way

Only one month into its campaign, things are looking great so far for the United Way of Adair County and Northeast Missouri.

Right now, the organization has reached 28-percent of its $264,000 goal. To put that in perspective, that's about $75,000 in donations already given.

That is about $20,000 ahead of where the United Way was at this time last year.

Executive Director John Dungan said he appreciates all the support the group is getting this year, despite the fact that times are still tough for many and that the economy is still slowly recovering.

"Last couple of years, people have been very anxious. The anxiety is not over yet, but people are starting to feel better so I think people understand that the need is still great and if they have work, they are happy to make a contribution to help others out," Dungan said.

Dungan is confident that this year's goal will be reached as long as the community continues to help out and give.

If you're interested in making a donation to the United Way of Adair County and Northeast Missouri, click here.

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