Third-grade teacher says parent-teacher conferences are important

    Liberty Elementary School. (KTVO)

    Mrs. Wilkins, a third-grade teacher at Liberty Elementary School, told KTVO that the parents of her students showed up at the last conference in the fall.

    Ottumwa School District held their spring parent-teacher conference on Thursday from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

    Wilkins said teachers want to connect with the parents to ensure the success of their students.

    When asked what parents and teachers get out of the conferences, Wilkins explained.

    “It’s just a time to talk to the parents about how their kids are doing academically. We also get to praise them in all the hard work that they’ve done and kind of show off the hard work that they’ve accomplished in the first two trimesters of school. I like to compare where they have started at the beginning of the year to where they are now. So the parents can see their growth," said Wilkins.

    Aside from connecting with the parents, Wilkins added the meetings give parents a chance to see what else their kids need to work on at home.

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