Tips to avoid overloading electrical circuits this winter

Tips to avoid overloading electrical circuits this winter (Photo: MGN Online)

Most home fires occur in the winter and the bitterly cold temperatures are not making things any safer.

One of the main reasons fires are more common during the winter months is because of electrical circuit overloads.

Kirksville Fire Department Assistant Chief Marc Jefferson says in the winter, many people use space heaters and electric heaters to warm their house, but that can put a lot of strain on electrical circuits and increase your risk of starting an electrical fire.

Jefferson says heating systems need to be checked constantly.

To avoid overloading electrical systems, avoid plugging in a lot of appliances, limit your use of an extension cord and make sure to change your furnace and heating system filters.

Jefferson says many people don't have them serviced before the winter season starts.

"Which is a major problem. Folks do not change their filters and that puts a lot of strain on furnaces, because when it can't breathe properly, it over heats. So they need to be constantly attended to, furnaces and any heating appliances."

Your filters should be serviced before the season starts and maintained during the season.

Jefferson also says to make sure you have working fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in your home.

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