'Trevor will live on': Ottumwa boy, 9, touched hundreds of lives

Hundreds of people attend Trevor Stromgren's memorial service in Davis County Thursday/Beth Waldon

Family, friends and classmates will forever carry the memory of Trevor Stromgren.

“This young man has affected many of us,” Pastor Gary Brooks told those who attended the boy’s memorial service Thursday.

The 9-year-old Ottumwa boy passed away Sunday, following a six-year battle against pediatric cancer. As loved ones mourn this tremendous loss, they will remember Trevor’s sense of humor

“He was very smart with a very quick wit,” Brian Stromgren wrote in his son’s obituary. “Trevor would often have an immediate and hilarious comeback to someone’s comments.”

his strength

“He was the strongest boy I know,” said Trevor’s adopted grandma, Sandi (Mama Mia) Tiegs.

and the impact he has on so many lives.

“He’s touched lives he doesn’t even know he’s touched,” Brooks said.

Hundreds of people attended the boy’s service in Davis County Thursday. Including more than a dozen of Trevor’s classmates and teachers at Davis County Elementary School.

"He was a terrific student," said Davis County Superintendent Dan Maeder. "On the first day of school, he wanted to come spend the whole day with us, we weren't sure if he was going to be able to do that. He ended up staying the whole day, and he brought gifts for his friends, and for his teachers ... The blessings that he gave us and that his family gave us will not be forgotten."

During his final months, Tiegs tells KTVO Trevor lived life to the fullest. Within the last year, Trevor and his family traveled to Disney World. A video recorded during that trip shows Trevor holding his hands in the air as he rides one of Disney’s roller coasters.

Family members played the video during his service Thursday. In the video, a woman’s voice asks: “Trevor, was that your first big roller coaster?”

“I think so,” Trevor replied.

Following the service, Tiegs shared one of many precious memories of Trevor. Tiegs said she was recently nervous about an upcoming medical procedure.

“Don’t worry,” Trevor told Tiegs, “I’ll hold your hand. And then afterwards, I’ll show you where the ice cream store is.”

Her heart is heavy, no doubt, but it’s memories like these that put a smile on Tiegs’ face, and everyone else’s.

“Trevor will live on,” Brooks said. “ a long, long time for each and every one of us.”

A fundraiser organized for Trevor at the Davis County High School gym will carry on at 5 p.m. Oct. 6. Organizers tell KTVO all money raised will support funeral expenses, medical bills, and making Trevor’s last wish come true: his family going to Disney.

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