Tru Yo Cafe closes permanently

In the Heartland, a popular frozen yogurt shop closes its doors. (Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO)

A popular frozen yogurt shop in the Heartland is now no longer open.

Tru Yo Cafe located on Franklin street just south of the Kirksville square closed permanently last Friday.

On Facebook, the business posted that there are many reasons the business is shutting down, but those reasons would not be shared with the public.

Kirksville resident, Laura Whitacre only lives a block away from the business.

Whitacre says she didn't know the cafe was closed for good until a week after its final day open.

Whitacre says its a shock because she didn't foresee the business shutting down anytime soon.

I thought they were doing really well. Because I mean there’s nothing really in town like this and I know a lot of college people and people that live in Kirksville come here.

A Truman student started the business in 2015 and then sold it when he graduated.

The latest owners took over Tru Yo a year ago.

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