Truman students hit the streets for the Big Event

Over 1,000 Truman State University students took the streets of Kirksville, Saturday morning.

Over 1,000 Truman State University students took the streets of Kirksville Saturday morning.

It was all for the Big Event, a volunteer service Truman has been hosting for the past 12 years. Its goal is to provide services to residents of the community by raking leaves, washing windows, painting, picking up trash and more.

Big Event coordinator John Reinhardt tells us it's a great way to bring the the students and the Kirksville community together.

"The purpose of the big event is to send students at Truman out to different job sites within the community and so we really want to connect with the community members and make sure we provide them with the services that we want to," Reinhardt said.

There were over 1,300 student volunteers and more than 150 job sites around Kirksville. Volunteers said they felt good about going around the neighborhood as a way to give back.

"I thought it'd be a good opportunity to kind of help out around Kirksville and just give back to the community that you go to school in," said student volunteer Sara Hahn.

The Big Event gives Truman students the opportunity to show appreciation for all of the support the Kirksville community has offered to them. Organizers tell us they'll try to schedule next year's event later, so the weather would be warmer.

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