Truman students receive Citizen Commendation Award

Keegan Walsh, Benjamin Wingo and Michael Grasing used quick thinking to help put out their neighbor's kitchen fire in early January. (Riley Fannon/KTVO)

A potentially disastrous situation was avoided thanks to quick thinking on the part of three Truman State University students.

Earlier this month, Keegan Walsh, Benjamin Wingo and Michael Grasing heard their neighbor yelling outside her home in the 1200 block of East Fillmore Street.

There was a fire in their neighbor's kitchen, and they responded with a fire extinguisher and were able to put out the flames before the fire department arrived.

On Wednesday, the Kirksville Police Department gave Walsh, Wingo and Grasing Citizen Commendation Awards for their actions.

Walsh told KTVO about that day and what was going through his mind.

“When I got over there with the fire extinguisher, I know that Dixie was telling me I shouldn’t go inside, but I knew that fire extinguisher could help out a lot so I put my sweatshirt over my nose and mouth and went inside," Walsh said. "I started spraying down areas I thought were going to spread the most. Luckily the extinguisher ran out right when the fire was going out."

On top of putting out the flames, the three students took care of their neighbor, making sure she was warm and safe by wrapping her in a blanket and taking her to a warm car.

Kirksville Police Chief Jim Hughes said Kirksville is lucky to have citizens like these three young men, who are good, caring people who look out for their neighbors and are willing to help.

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